During 2014, the Community-led Accelerated WASH (COWASH) Project, Phase IV supported the construction of a shallow well in the compound of the Warerso Keta Primary School in Sululta Woreda, Oromia National Regional State at a cost of 400,000 Birr.

During a recent follow-up visit, the teachers and the school community expressed their happiness with the outcome. The principal of the school, Ato Teklie Seifu, said that since the school was built in 2008, there had been no available clean drinking water near the school and that students and teachers would waste more than an hour searching for water and that their health was adversely affected through water-related diseases. Furthermore, there has been a negative impact on the quality of education due to the time lost.

Ato Teklie stated that the school is serving 323 males, and 267 females, a total of 590 students, of which six have disabilities. With this investment, the water problems of the students and the school community will be eliminated and they will be able to have a better education program for the 2015 school year. He said that the school community will work together with the relevant bodies to ensure the sustainability of the water facility built for them.

In addition to the provision of clean water supply to schools, COWASH IV is also working on the provision of clean water supply and the construction of latrines for education and health institutions.