Finland and Ethiopia working together to improve the welfare of rural communities

The overarching responsibility for COWASH IV lies with the two appointed Competent authorities: the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland as represented by the Embassy of Finland.

COWASH IV is implemented at Federal level by the Ministry of Water and Energy in coordination with  the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health. At the regional level, the project is implemented by the Water Resources Development Bureaus of Amhara, Benishangul-Gumuz, Oromia, Sidama, Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples, South-west Ethiopia Peoples and Tigray National Regional States in association with regional WASH partners including the Bureaus of Health, Bureaus of Education, Bureaus of Finance and Bureaus of Women Affairs. To facilitate the smooth running of the project, steering committees and WASH technical teams have been established at the National, Regional, Zone and Woreda levels.

At the heart of the project, is the Federal Technical Assistance Team (FTAT). Based in the Ministry of Water and Energy in Addis Ababa, the FTAT provides the support needed to implement all aspects of the project in an efficient and cost-effective manner. In line with the provisions of the Project Document the FTAT leads the training and knowledge sharing process with particular reference to:

  1. The implementation of the CMP process including the setting up of the all-important Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Committees, scheme design, construction and management and financial control;
  2. The adoption of gender and disability inclusion policies and practices with a focus on promoting women leadership in WASH management;
  3. The promotion of social and behaviour change and the importance of good WASH practices for the benefit of the communities;
  4. The sharing of knowledge with all stakeholders and the use of social media for the promotion of public health and community wellbeing;
  5. The approach to climate change mitigation and the adoption of good practices to ensure the long-term sustainability of the facilities constructed under the project;
  6. The development of household sanitation through support for micro and small enterprises and the development of community level saving and loan associations; and
  7. The formulation of the COWASH IV Results Framework and the need for accurate and timely reporting of work progress.
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