COWASH IV commenced Social Behavioural Change Communication training of trainers for Amhara COWASH stakeholders in Woreta City.

Opened by Ato Abraham Kebede, Amhara Regional Support Unit team leader aimed to help the regional, Zonal and Woreda WASH experts to design, implement, monitor, and evaluate WASH social and behaviour change interventions at their local level and to cascade the training to frontline community workers at the woreda and kebele kebele level.

The training participants are Sanitation and Hygiene from the regional Health, Education, Women and Children, and Water Bureaus, two zones ( South Wollo and Awi) zones, and two woredas( Dessi- zuruya and Dangila), which have well-established and functional Micro and Small Enterprises in WASH.

The training will be carried out over three days from 29-31 September 2022.

Ato Ebsa Feyisa, the FTAT Behavioural Change and Communication Specialist is the lead trainer for the training.

It is recalled that the same training has been given for all COWASH IV regions in the last couple of months.