The COWASH Federal Technical Assistance Team is currently in Bahir Dar working in cooperation with the Amhara COWASH Regional Support Unit to provide training on Micro and Small Enterprise Development.

The main objective of the training is to enhance the business skills of COWASH-established Micro and Small Enterprises to increase the communities’ use of sanitation and hygiene.

Four members of the regional COWASH Regional Support Unit and eight representatives from Desie-zuria and Dangla woredas, a total of 12 trainees, who are related to the development of Micro and Small Enterprises, are participating.

The training is mainly provided by Mulatie Yinager, Federal COWASH Technical Assistance Team, WASH Business Development Specialist, together with Amhara COWASH Regional Support Unit.

The training will continue for three days from August 1-3/22, and this training will continue in all COWASH regions to create a common understanding and commitment to the functionality of Micro and Small Enterprises in creating commercially viable and sustainable Market-based Sanitation.