In line with the approved COWASH IV improved fund flow process for EFY 2016, all regional steering committee meetings have now been successfully completed and the core plans approved. Productive discussions have been held on the results of the first 11 months of EFY 2015, the plans for EFY 2016 and the future of COWASH in general.

All regions have now submitted their Quarter 1 and 2 fund requests to the Ministry of Water and Energy which have been consolidated and forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Finland via the Ministry of Finance. All regions are now preparing their full EFY 2015 Progress Reports with the support of the FTAT through hands-on assistance in the regional offices. On-the-job training is something that the FTAT plans to do more in the future.

Work is progressing exactly on schedule and it is expected that the first EFY 2016 funds will be disbursed to the regions on time and indeed six months earlier than last year. This is an outstanding achievement for the COWASH IV project!